My Pick Verified and the Georgetown Farmer's Market

The MyPick Verified Local Farmer program is a relatively new initiative by Farmer's Market's Ontario. It is a way of differentiating from local farms who grow & sell their own produce, and resellers who sell produce from the Ontario Food Terminal.

Many markets allow resellers, and sometimes they offer added benefit in providing a greater product offering of produce not native to Ontario (avocados, banana etc.)

While to date many of our farms are not yet MyPick Verified. The Georgetown Farmers Market has very strict rules when it comes to reselling. Our farms MUST grow 70% of the products that they sell. They are allowed to resell up to 30% of produce, but it MUST be Ontario grown and it is strongly suggested that it be sourced from neighbouring farms. (This is why you will not see our farmers selling avocado & banana for example.)

You can rest assured that although they have not yet been verified by Farmer's Markets Ontario. They HAVE been verified by the Georgetown Farmer's Market. 90% of our farmers have been with us for many years. We have a close open relationship. We are able to at any time and do visit the farms. Because many are direct neighbours most of the time you as a consumer know them and have the opportunity to visit them as well.

So, although we are encouraging our farms to participate in the MyPick program it is a choice and it does take time to be certified. It also doesn't come for free.

As with any food issue your best bet as a consumer is to talk to your farmers, ask questions and be proactive about your food choices and finding out what methods best accommodate your personal values when it comes to food.

For more information on the MyPick Verified program visit:

Please remember this market season, that Local, Ontario food is the most important foundation of the Georgetown Farmer's Market. Whether MyPick or not, you can be sure all of our farmers are heroes!