Events & the Market

Events are an important part of the Georgetown Farmers Market. We are fortunate to have an incredible, popular forum with which to promote great local initiatives and charities.

Sometimes, for the average market goer, large events such as Bike It can seem daunting. The added people, the entertainment, the congestion - all make it a challenge if you are just looking for your groceries. 

Our message is always primarily, to 'Eat Local'. We want to support our local farms, because without them this amazing market wouldn't exist. From time to time I hear concerns that we have lost that message. I assure you, supporting local food is and will always continue to be our primary, most important initiative at the Georgetown Farmer's Market.

Our other regular market events such as the Raspberry Festival, Grillicious, and Family Fun days are designed to compliment the market. Most highlight seasonal crops. Some work to build bridges and to expose people to fresh local food when they may not have previously seen it as a viable option for their groceries. 

In the end, Bike it to the Market has become one of our biggest events of the season. It raises a huge amount of awareness for the Bike Challenge and helps with all of those logged kilometers!

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who came out, market goers and shoppers alike for the unwavering support we receive every week. You can be assured that we are back to business as usual this coming long weekend. So please make sure to come and check out the Market!


To Market, To Market...

Well, we've survived another winter in Ontario (albeit not a particularly bad winter) But when the weather starts (finally) warming up & we creep out into the sunlight and warmth of a late spring, there is a sense of renewal.

Spring has me thinking of market and how quickly it seems that time passes. I can hardly believe that I am in the midst of planning my second market season. The long shot job that I applied for last year has actually become the thing I look forward to most. 

There is something rejuvenating about the early Saturday mornings. Main Street, Georgetown at 5 am is dark, quiet & peaceful, the air is still damp and crisp from the night. My earliest farmers come down and beginning set up, the flower planters being watered. Sometimes a few early morning main street 'regulars' wonder around to watch things being set up. 

There is a buzz that begins as vendors show up to start setting up booths. A natural evolution takes place as the street slowly fills up and our market customers stroll in. The early birds tend to know the vendors well and will often stop for a chat on their way through the market. 

Suddenly, the streets will be full of guests, the surrounding businesses will be open and people are everywhere! Buskers line the streets providing a soundtrack for the shoppers & visitors. There is an energy in the air that seems to happen so organically it always takes me by surprise. 

As quickly as it begins, it comes to a close. The crowds thin out, the vendors pack up. We send out our collection for the food share donations and we wind down for another week. Normal business on Main Street resumes, cars swiftly take over what was just briefly a pedestrian market place and we prepare for another week when it all begins again!

I am look forward to seeing you at the Market this season. Please stop by and say hi to us at the Market Booth. We have lots of fun things in the works and would love to see you there!